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In the wake of the recent tragic events that have been associated with the heavy personal destruction that has taken place in Southern Indiana, one would think that the timely arrival of the local Locksmith, Goshen Chambers, would be a welcome sight. However, that would be a very little of the story. On April 4th, a makeshift bomb threat was made by Eric Boaszak who said that he had rigged an explosive device around a car parked in front of Indianapolis Indiana’s Westin Hotel. Once discovered, he was immediately arrested and faced the prospect of the national spotlight and prison time.

But it turns out that Eric Boaszak, a.k.a. “Boaz”, was not the only man to make the untimely arrest for domestic terrorism incident. Authorities arrested the individual who said he was the actual bomb maker, the “Locksmith” named Timothy Kenneth Nelms. It was later learned that he had been working in Indianapolis Indiana as an electrician for many years.

As this situation rapidly deteriorates, the Indianapolis Regional Lock Company (IRLC) is in need of both locksmith services and tradesmen for the next few weeks. The Indiana State Police and the Locksmiths will need to be on the lookout for any suspicious persons and businesses, anything suspicious at all. Of course, well-trained personnel from the IRLC is the best defense against any possible criminal action.

Whatever plans the Locksmiths and IRLC members have, even if they are still attempting to deal with the aftermath of the recent tragedy, the system is in desperate need of both time and manpower. The police, fire department, and other related authorities have been called in to assist in the reconstruction of the building that is being called “Hogan’s Alley” by most people. It has been determined that all the main locks that are being used for “normal” opening and closing, are out of order.

Unfortunately, most businesses in Indiana will be very soon out of business, which means that not only all the businesses in the city of Indianapolis, but even those outside of it will be impacted. Indianapolis has actually been building their infrastructure for possible emergencies for decades. Although they are some of the better-planned areas of all the cities of the United States, Indianapolis is an extremely vulnerable city. Fortunately, they have a solution to the problem.

The Indianapolis Metro Area Rapid Transit (IND) has been constructed with emergency exits and other essential facilities. The IND is a light rail system that allows many people to get to where they need to go with very little amount of walking. The IND is located within the working area of the Indianapolis Area Transit Authority (IND).

The IND is a planned area that connects almost every important or vital place in Indianapolis. The only problem is that it does not allow access to the Downtown area, which means that some people will need to seek alternate means of getting around or even going in and out of certain buildings. The Locksmiths and IRLC are the only people who can provide the services to the victims that are out of the way.

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