Fishers Locksmith: Residential & Commercial & Auto Locksmith

Locksmith Fishers was formed in 1919, by W.C. Loeser. He was the head of a building industry union in the Fishers, Indiana area, and the only locksmith who worked in the men’s clothing trade, Locksmith Fishers occupied an office in Fishers, Indiana. W.C. Loeser saw an opportunity to create a more efficient work environment by creating the Locksmith Fishers. In a town where men came and went often, creating an atmosphere where men could rely on one another was important.

Fishers were small at the time and the Locksmith Fishers were trying to attract more customers, by extending their office hours from seven days a week to five days a week. Fishers was growing and so was Locksmith Fishers.

W.C. Loeser did not like the way the union leadership was representing his trade, so he created W.C. Loeser & Co. The company’s main offices were located in Indy in Fishers, Indiana.

In just a few years, W.C. Loeser & Co. had become a massive corporation, employing at least thirty people.

It was very important for Locksmith Fishers to make a good impression on customers, to get their business. It also helped to do this that it was understood that the company was good for the Locksmith Fishers. Once the word got out that the Locksmith Fishers had hired a new locksmith, that person was very likely to call in another and so on. All in all, it made sense to ensure that people knew about your company and its ability to keep their business.

W.C. Loeser, in one meeting with one man, told him about W.C. Loeser & Co. He said the Locksmith Fishers could not be a company whose main offices were in Fishers, Indiana. So the first day he arrived in Fishers, he met a businessman who drove a Cadillac. It was then that he had his first business partner.

When W.C. Loeser & Co. made its first huge purchase, the first time Locksmith Fishers had seen a good deal was to buy a Mercedes for one man, so that it could pay for all the people who worked for them.

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