Adams County, Indiana


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  1. Iliff, Joyce A
  2. Ineichen, Catherine D (Puthoff)
  3. Ineichen, Corwin R
  4. Ineichen, Elmer E
  5. Ineichen, Lloyd E
  6. Ingle, Harold Ray
  7. Ingle, Martha E (Kile)
  8. Inniger, Christian A
  9. Inniger, Helen M (Roop)
  10. Inniger, Homer L
  11. Inniger, Lillie (Templin)
  12. Inniger, Merline W "Merle"
  13. Inniger, Rachel (Habegger)
  14. Inniger, Rosina P (Habegger)
  15. Inniger, Selma Wilma (Habegger)
  16. Inskeep, Louise K (Brickley)
  17. Inskeep, Mary Ann (Baker)
  18. Inniger, Gloria S (Kaehr)

  19. Irelan, Bert Allen
  20. Irelan, Sarah Elizabeth (Sipe)
  21. Irwin, Freeda (Jeweal)
  22. Irwin, Harry O
  23. Irwin, Herbert T
  24. Irwin, Imogene (Clifton)
  25. Irwin, Orpha M (Tumbleson)
  26. Isch, Beatrice M (Mathys)
  27. Isch, Fred R
  28. Isch, Glen R
  29. Isch, John E
  30. Isch, Nola A (Grandstaff)
  31. Isch, Thomas Gene
  32. Isch, William John
  33. Ives, William Thomas, Cadet
  34. Ivetich, James

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