Adams County, Indiana

Below is a listing of the Civil War Veterans as recorded on The Peace Monument in Decatur, Indiana, who are designated with a star (*).
Source: The Peace Monument 100 Year Celebration Souvenir Edition Booklet

Additional veterans have been added from tombstone inscriptions, obituaries, and other sources.

To read the obit, bio or see the stone, please go to the cemetery listed for the veteran.
KIA = Killed in action; DIS = died in service from disease

L - Z
Civil War Veterans of Adams County
Name Birth Date Death Date Cemetery Bio Obit Stone
Laman, David*
Lamar, Charles A*
Lambert, Hezekiah* 5/9/1844 12/14/1918 Decatur y Co R 38th Reg OH Inf
Lane, Edward W*
Lankenau, Henry*
Larue, Edward W* 1842 1924 Riverside Co G 50th Reg OH Vol Inf
Latzenhiser, John 5/18/1835 7/9/1888 Tricker Co C 47th IN Vet Vol Inf
Laughery, John*
Laughery, Joseph Decatur Co F 18th US Inf
Laughery, William*
Laughrey or Laughery, Joel L* 12/20/1832* 5/28/1896 Backesto Co F 18th US Inf
Lawrence, James E*
Lawson, Farquharson or Ferguson* 1824 1870 Backesto Co I 39th IN Inf
Lay, J M no dates Tricker Co C 47th IN Inf
Learman, John*
LeBrun, Edward H*
Lee, Eurastus*
Lee, John* 6/15/1849 12/31/1920 Backesto Co G 13th IN Cav
Leffler, Samuel R 6-14-1829 6/22/1928 Union Chapel 54th Reg IN Inf
Lehman, Abram no dates Backesto y Co F 147 IN Inf
Lemon, Abraham*
Lemon, Robert*
Lenhart, Joseph*
Lesh, Jonas 1838 10/19/1864 Andersonville Natnal Cem - GA Co D 101st IN Vol Inf - KIA Georgia
Lewis, David W*
Lewis, Jesse*
Lewis, Tillman F*
Lewton, Lewis Wilson* 11/12/1841 2/8/1908 Decatur y Co K 89th IN inf
Lhaman, Dayton*
Lhaman, Thomas*
Lhamon, Abraham* 6/13/1832 7/27/1913 Backesto y
Linn, Daniel*
Linton, David B*
Linton, James E*
Linton, James Walker 9/17/1836 1900 Crawford y y Co E 153rd IN Inf
Lister, Ezra* 1/19/1825 1/9/1901 Reynolds y y Co A IN Inf
Litzel, Peter*
Locker, David P 5/27/1847 3/14/1893 Lufborrow y Co G OH Cav
Logan, John A*
Logan, Wesley Anderson* 11/19/1842 11/3/1905 Decatur Co C 44th IN Vol Inf
Long, Andrew*
Long, George*
Long, John*
Long, Levi*
Long, Lewis P* 10/20/1844 5/2/1914 Jackson Co, OH y Co F 38th OVI
Long, Polsom*
Long, William H*
Longenberger, Giedon or Gideon* 1835 1929 Zion Cline y
Loofborrow, Preston S no dates Lufborrow y Co E 139th IN Inf
Lopshire, William*
Lord, Franklin* 1840? 1916? Monmouth not sure this is the right man
Lord, Martin* 5/14/1837 12/4/1925 Monmouth Co C 56th IN Regt
Lord, William H* 2/13/1848 10/18/1928 Monmouth y Co C 11th Reg IN Cav
Lotzenhiser, John*
Louden, James E* no dates Backesto Co F 12th OH L A
Louthan, George W* 1841 4/6/1908 Decatur Co C 11th Cal
Louthan, Moses* 3/25/1818 8/14/1890 Smith Co G 13th IN Cav
Lunnan, Henry*
Lutes, Hamilton*
Lynch, William* 12/26/1864 Nashville Ntnl Cem Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Nashville, TN
Maas, Maibias 9/9/1827 1907 Brown
Mabibal, Henry Riverside 20 IN L A
Maccubee, John*
Macy, C E*
Macy, C H Crawford 7th Co OH S S
Macy, Jethro*
Macy, Obed H 4/17/1821 9/11/1904 Crawford y 7th Co OH S S
Magley, Christen*
Magner, Henry* 7/0/1888 Co C 11th IN Cav
Magner, J B*
Magner, John* 5/26/1818 3/1/1895 Decatur Co C 71st IN Vol Inf
Magner, M A*
Mahon, Samuel T*
Major, Milton*
Major, Samuel* Co C 11th IN Cav
Major, Thomas J* 9/0/1874 Co C 11th IN Cav
Majors, F J no dates Backesto Co G 11th IN Cav
Mallonee, John J*
Mallonee, Thomas W* 9/13/1842 5/7/1919 Decatur y y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Mallonee, William P* 8/30/1839 1901 Decatur y y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Mallonee, William P (same as above?)* 8/30/1839 1/1/1902 Reynolds y y Co H 89th IN Inf
Maloney, Charles*
Maloney, Robert* 1847 1916
Malott, John W*
Manneschmith, M*
Mapel, William R*
Marchland, Smith*
Marquardt or Marquet, George W* 1846 6/9/1898 Alpha 23 IN Battery, Lt Arty
Marth, J G no dates Salem Co B 4th OH Inf
Martin, Hamon*
Martin, James C*
Martin, John*
Martin, John L*
Martin, Luther*
Martz, Silas C* 2/13/1838 10/25/1891 Allen Co, IN Co H 89th Inf
Martz, Smith*
Marvin, William*
Mason, Adam A*
Mattox, William L*
Maurer, Samuel* 11/2/1828 8/16/1906 Bunker Hill y Co B 72nd OH Inf
May, Fred K 1840 Bunker Hill y Co D 71st OVI
May, Moses*
McAlhany, Jackson R*
McCampbell, Francis M*
McCampbell, William B* 9/6/1834 2/20/1890 Decatur Co K 89th Reg IN Vol Inf
McCan, Armstron*
McCardle, David*
McChristy, Absolom*
McChristy, Elisha*
McClain, John S A* 1841 1933 Backesto y Co I 89th Regt
McCloud, Lemuel N*
McCollum, Eli D* 1843 1930 West Lawn y Co K 89th IN Vol Inf
McCullough, Thomas*
McCune, Henry* Co C 11th IN Cav
McCune, James*
McCune, Lawrence* 9/21/1838 8/13/1863 Crawford Co I 89th IN Inf
McCurdy, Absalom* 1845 6/11/1880 Smith y Co F 147th IN Inf
McDaniel, James M* 1801 1855 Antioch Co G 11th OH Inf
McDaniel, Perry*
McDaniel, William*
McDermot, William*
McDougal, Andrew*
McDowell, Jacob*
McGill, John*
McGrath, James* Co C 11th IN Cav
McGriff, John E*
McHugh, Henry B*
McKean, John Wesley* 2/17/1843 10/21/1926 Antioch y y y 151st OVI
McKinsey or McKensie, Moses* Co C 11th IN Cav
McLean, Henry* 1832 1911 Decatur Co K 89th Reg IN Vol Inf
McLean, Henry*
McLeod, Isaac R*
McLeod, John Smith* 10/20/1843 4/29/1924 DeKalb Co, IN Co C 47th IN Inf
McManus, George V 5/8/1872 3/11/1903 Snow y
McMillen, Isaac N* no dates Pleasant Mills y Co B, 76th OH Inf
McWhirter, George*
McWhiter, Hugh*
Meehan, Patrick*
Meeks, W R*
Meitz, Augustus C*
Meitz, Frederick* 1878
Merica, Noah* 11/17/1833 4/2/1907 Decatur y Co B OH Vol Inf
Merryman, Charles W* 1827? 1870? Reynolds not sure this is the right man
Merryman, George W*
Merryman, Henry L*
Merryman, James Thomas 10/1/1854 3/23/1944 Decatur y y Co H 89th IN Inf
Merryman, John*
Metzger, Edwin S*
Meyer, Abraham*
Meyer, Andrew*
Meyer, Daniel*
Meyer, David*
Meyer, Jacob* 12/4/1825 4/10/1899 Salem y Co K 89th IN Vol Inf
Michael, Eli*
Michael, Joseph*
Michaels or Michael, David* no dates Riverside Co F 66th OH Inf
Michand, Henry*
Mickle, Samuel S*
Middleton, James*
Middleton, John*
Milholland, Joseph 1840 9/28/1916 Pleasant Dale y
Miller, Andrew*
Miller, Charles W*
Miller, George W* Decatur Co I 89th IN Inf
Miller, Jacob* 1837? 1907? MRE not sure this is sthe right man
Miller, John C*
Miller, Joseph*
Miller, Mathias*
Miller, Matthias * 1833 1921 Backesto y Co G 152nd OVI
Miller, Riley J* Co C 11th IN Cav
Mitch, Christian*
Mocabee, John 5/23/1895 Snow y Co K 89th IN Inf
Mooney, James* Co C 11th IN Cav
Moore, James* Co C 11th IN Cav
Moore, Theodore R* 1846 1913
Moore, William*
Moracle, Henry*
Morison, Johnithan*
Morningstar, Samuel*
Mosure, Ephriam*
Mumma, George*
Mumma, John Henry* 11/26/1837 5/8/1925 Pleasant Valley y y Co I 12rh IN Inf
Mumma, Reason F* 1843 1922
Murphy, David* 1843? 1901? Union Chapel not sure this is the right man
Murphy, Wyatt H* 1843 1923 Decatur
Murray, Andrew*
Murray, Calvin R*
Murray, G S no dates Pleasant Mills Y Co L 13th IN
Murray, John*
Murray, Oliver P*
Musser, Daniel*
Musser, George*
Myers, George*
Myers, Henry H* 4/18/1843 5/29/1904 Decatur y Co H 89th IN Inf
Myers, James C* 1/24/1835 10/24/1917 Willshire Cem, OH bio Co F 64th OVI
Myers, Jerome*
Myers, Jesse* 1814? 1891? Alpha not sure this is the right man
Myers, William H*
Need, Daniel*
Nelson, Edward*
Nelson, Isaac*
Nelson, Levi*
Nemmert, Nicholasw*
Neptune, James Ira* 2/6/1828 3/16/1905 Willshire Cem, OH Co K 89th IN Inf
Niblick, Robert* 2/10/1825 2/26/1901 Antioch y y Co E 12 Reg IN Vol
Norman, Nelson*
North, Alexander J* no dates Snow y Co F 99th OH Inf
Norwald, William*
Odel or Odle, Nathan* 2/26/1865 Shiloh Ntnl Military Park Co C 11th IN Cav KIA Eastport, MS
Odel or Odle, Perry* 1865 KIA TN
Odel or Odle, Zephiniaih B* 1818 4/12/1863 Memphis Ntnl Cem Co H 89th IN Vol Inf - DIS Nashville, TN
Odle, Caleb 1864 KIA TN
Ogden, James*
O'Harrow, John*
Orndorff, Jonathan or Jonithan* 10/20/1842 1927 Riverside y Co H 121st OH Inf
Oswalt, John* 1846 1918 Decatur Co $ 130th IN Vol Inf
Overhulser, Daniel*
Overly, James*
Palm, David*
Palmer, Andrew J*
Pamenter, Joseph*
Parks, Calvin*
Parr, William Howard* 5/5/1847 1/17/1939 Mt. Hope y y Co E 135th Reg OH Vol Inf
Parrish, Abner S* 1842 8/15/1910 Decatur y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Parrish, Joseph L* 1842? 1899? Zion/Cline not sure this is the right man
Parrish, Joshua R* 8/13/1835 11/6/1919 Decatur y y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Patterson, Harvey M*
Patterson, James M*
Patterson, Robert D* 10/31/1838 or 1839 1915 Decatur y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Patterson, VanRanslier* 1843 1863 Decatur KIA?
Paulison, Isaac*
Paxton, Benjamin F*
Pease, John*
Peel or Peele, William* 4/11/1838 8/20/1925 Greenwood y y Co C 192nd OH Inf
Pegg, Henry*
Pennington, Herbert* 1848 1/13/1936 Decatur y
Peters, Martin*
Peterson, Henry Clay* 10/10/1842 6/20/1906 DeKalb Co, IN Co I 89th IN Inf
Peterson, James* Co C 11th IN Cav
Peterson, John White* 3/29/1819 7/25/1904 Mt. Tabor n y
Peterson, Robert S* 2/1/1845 3/16/1911 Decatur y Co G 13th IN Cav
Pfiffer, Joseph*
Phillips, H L*
Phipps, John*
Pierson, Charles*
Pillars, Benjamin* 10/31/1845 4/13/1926 Decatur y Co C 11th IN Vol Cav
Pillars, F 1852 1888 Alpha y
Pillars, William M* 1843 2/18/1908 Decatur Co C 11th Cav
Pine, Hiram* 1841 6/9/1911 Brown y Co K 75th IN Inf
Place, George* no dates Pleasant Mills Co C 47th IN Inf
Place, Leroy* 1/22/1846 9/29/1929 Van Wert Co, OH Co A 81st OVI
Platt, Charles no dates Collins 84th IN Inf
Platt, O*
Plocher, David*
Plocher, Jacob*
Ploucher, Godlep 6/29/1829 10/21/1880 Bethel y
Plummer, William*
Pogue, Joseph* 1842? 1903? Backesto not sure this is the right man
Pontius, Daniel C* 2/23/1841 3/18/1879 Hartford Co H 51st IN Inf
Pontius, John* 1843 9/17/1935 Hartford y
Porter, Alexander A*
Porter, Charles C*
Porter, John D (Dr)*
Porter, Mathew H*
Porter, William* no dates Pleasant Mills y Co C 47th IN Inf
Pratt, Richard H* Co C 11th IN Cav
Prentis, Joseph*
Presho, Warren* 3/21/1865 Nashville Ntnl Cem Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Nashville, TN
Prouty, Thomas 3/10/1830 2/14/1898 Alberson
Pryor or Prior, Solomon* no dates Mann Co K 75th IN Inf
Purdy, Lewis H* 1/25/1838 1/10/1913 Decatur Co C 47th IN Vol Inf
Purk, Perry W*
Pyle, Johnithan M*
Pyle, Washington* 1844 1935 Decatur Co G 13th IN Cav
Pyle, Washington*
Quinn, John P*
Quinn, William* 1819 2/27/1863 Memphis Ntnl Cem DIS Memphis, TN
Rabbitt, Nicholas*
Rabbitt, Thomas* 1838 12/28/1932 Decatur 11th IN Batt LA
Railing, Jacob Jr* 1/27/1836 11/28/1928 Decatur Co C 47th IN Vol Inf
Railing, Martin*
Rainier, Charles T (Dr)* 10/28/1842 1916 Decatur y Co H 69th IN Inf
Raker, Lafayette*
Ralstian, William 1844 1914 Brown Co A 47th IN Inf
Ralston, Smith G (Dr)* 1843 12/15/1887 Studebaker y Co A 47th IN Inf
Ramey, Moses S* Decatur Co E 11th IN Inf
Ramey, W H*
Ransbottom, William*
Ransler, David*
Rape, Lafayette* 1843 1915 Riverside Co G 44th OH Inf
Rash, Isaac B* 11/20/1838 11/11/1920 Mt. Zion UBC y
Raver, George* 1822 11/21/1910 Clark y 49th IN Reg
Rawley, John*
Ray, Eli M* 9/22/1843 8/25/1919 Smith y y Co H 89th IN Inf
Ray, John*
Ray, John M* no dates Tricker Co C 47th IN Inf
Ray, John W* 2/25/1848 5/20/1864 New Albany, IN Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS New Albany, IN
Ray, Johnithan F*
Ray, Levi W*
Read, John H 1/10/1829 9/15/1885 Pleasant Dale
Reckard, D B (Rev)*
Redding, James*
Reed, John H* 4/3/1799 1/6/1904 Reynolds y y Co H 124th OVI
Reed, Samuel J* 1844 *4-8-1905* Reynolds y y Co C 67th OVI
Reff, Frederick*
Reffe or Reff, Frederick* 5/15/1833 4/13/1911 Greenwood Co M 1st IN Cav
Reichard, Henry H*
Reiter, William* 1840 1884
Reppert, Frederick*
Reppert, Louis*
Reynolds, Andrew J* 1838 1921 Reynolds
Reynolds, Elisha* 2/4/1844 6/0/1924 Reynolds y
Reynolds, Ephriam*
Reynolds, Joseph*
Reynolds, Levi*
Reynolds, Louis*
Reynolds, Ormes*
Reynolds, William* 1836? 1922? Reynolds not sure this is the right man
Rhoads, Frederick*
Rice, William R* 1839 1906
Riker, Eli*
Riley, George*
Riley, George W*
Ripley, John F*
Risng, Lewis B*
Ritter, Tobias* abt. 1824 4/29/1885 Willshire Cem, OH 47th Reg US
Roan, Charles Greenwood Co G 16th OH Inf
Robert, Peter*
Roberts, William*
Robinold, William*
Robison, Alexander*
Rockwood, C W*
Rockwood, George W 10/20/1826 9/16/1904 Lufborrow Y Co H 40 IN Inf
Rodenbush, John*
Roebuck, Ebenezer* 3/14/1840 4/28/1903 Pleasant Mills y y Co A 46th OH Inf
Roebuck, William A* Co C 11th IN Cav
Roop, Amos* 1841 1/7/1865 unknown Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Alabama
Roop, Jacob Croninger* 3/8/1843 12/31/1920 Wren Mausoleum y Co I 46th OVI
Roop, William Dickie* 5/10/1844 1/19/1916 Marion Nat Cem y Co C 47th IN Vol Inf
Rose, Charles*
Rose, James*
Ross, Ed Monmouth
Roudebush, John 1841 1922 Decatur Co H 152nd IN Vol Inf
Ruble, Elrey*
Ruby, William* abt 1829 3/19/1862 unknown 47 Reg US - KIA Missouri
Rugg, Jay* 4/4/1848 11/1/1896 Decatur y Co C 17th IN Inf
Ruggles, William L*
Rumple, Jacob* 12/25/1842 7/9/1909 MRE y y Co H 23rd IN Inf
Runkel, Jacob Joseph* 1/16/1843 7/15/1914 Bunker Hill Co A 71st OH Inf
Rush, Jacob M*
Rush, James*
Russell, Jeremiah* 1837 8/24/1914 Decatur Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Russell, John*
Russell, William* 1836 12/28/1905 Decatur y Co H 89th IN Reg Inf
Rutlinger or Ruttinger, Jonathan* no dates Salem y Co I 89th IN Inf
Sackett, Cyrus*
Sackett, John A* 1844 1/7/1865 Nashville Ntnl Cem Co H 18th IN Inf KIA - Nashville, TN
Sackett, Samuel* 1817 1882 Co C 11th IN Cav
Sackett, William*
Sauer, John*
Schaupp, John*
Scheer, John J*
Scheer, John P*
Schmidt, Heinrich 3/22/1835 10/2/1912 Zion Friedheim
Schmidt, Henry A*
Schmidt, Henry J*
Schnepp, Henry*
Schock, John*
Schott, George B 1841 1929 Alberson Co D 128 Reg OVI
Schott, Peter 1843 1918 Alberson Y
Schrock, William Harrison (Dr) 2/3/1841 1886 Decatur y y Co H 95th OVI
Scoles, Andrew W*
Scoles, Sylvester Cramer* 10/5/1831* 4/1/1877 Backesto Co K, 23 IN Vol Inf
Scott, Hobert*
Scott, James*
Sellinger, David*
Sells, Hiram P*
Semore, Sanford A*
Sether, Peter* 1836 1912 St. Joseph y Co E 1st Vol Inf
Settle, Winfield Scott 11/20/1841 3/30/1903 Alberson
Shackley, Daniel K* 3/22/1843 10/12/1925 Decatur y Co E 5th MA Arty
Shady, Joseph* 6/16/1830 11/18/1916 Shady y
Shady, Samuel* 5/11/1829 1/30/1904 Shady
Shafer or Shaffer, John* 1834 1/5/1904 Monmouth
Shaffer, Albert*
Shaffer, Isaac*
Shaw, Timothy*
Sheets, Noah S* 12/31/1843 1/11/1907 Reynolds y FAG has no mention of Civil War service
Sheldon, Alonzo 4/14/1828 1/2/1877 French y
Shell, Albert* 9/25/1847 12/25/1929 Mt. Hope n y y 13th IN Cav
Shell, Samuel* Co C 11th IN Cav
Sheller, Andrew*
Shepherd, Thomas P*
Sherman, Abraham*
Shick or Shieck, Aaron* Co C 11th IN Cav
Shoemaker, Joseph*
Sholty, Benjamin W* 1846 9/8/1928 Decatur Co I 138th IN Vol Inf
Sholty, Benjamin W*
Showers, Jacob A* Co C 11th IN Cav
Shrank, Jacob*
Shrock, W H (Dr)*
Simcoke, Andrew J*
Sims, Joseph Baker* 6/21/1842 5/13/1912 Willshire
Sipes, Peter W*
Siples, Isaiah W*
Slacher, Andrew* Co C 11th IN Cav
Slusser, William* 1845 5/1/1865 Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Eastport, MS
Smison, John C*
Smith, Alexander* 3/7/1831 2/2/1892 Decatur 32nd IN Inf
Smith, Augustine P* 1830 6/28/1889 Decatur Co C 11th IN Cav
Smith, Augustus C*
Smith, Augustus D*
Smith, David D*
Smith, David W*
Smith, Eli*
Smith, H. C. (Rev) 1841 1925 Alberson
Smith, Henry*
Smith, Isaac* 1842 1/26/1915 Decatur y 89th Reg
Smith, Isaiah*
Smith, Isaiah A*
Smith, Jacob* 8/10/1846 12/27/1877 Pleasant Dale
Smith, James H*
Smith, James R* Decatur y Co H 39th IN Vol Inf
Smith, Jehu S* 10/12/1838 7/15/1924 Mt. Hope y Co I 89th IN Vol Inf
Smith, Jesse*
Smith, John A*
Smith, John H* 4/2/1821 6/14/1891 Smith y y Co H 89th IN Inf
Smith, John Minor* 8/24/1827 5/7/1864 unknown Co H, 89th IN Inf - KIA Louisiana
Smith, John W* Co C 11th IN Cav
Smith, Joseph Wilson* 12/7/1843 3/24/1922 Decatur y Co I 89th IN Vol Inf
Smith, Josiah*
Smith, Robert E Jr*
Smith, Robert E Sr* 1829? 1899? Smith not sure this is the right man
Smith, Robert K 2/12/1865 New Albany Ntnl Cem Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS Jeffersonville, IN
Smith, Samuel* no dates Riverside Co K 42nd IN Inf
Smith, Samuel* 1809? 1880? Mt. Tabor n not sure this is the right man
Smith, T J 7/29/1830 1/30/1900 MRE y Co D 79th IN Inf
Smith, Theodore* 7/4/1841 12/28/1882 St. Joseph Co H 57th Reg OVI
Smith, Thomas*
Smith, William K no dates Pleasant Mills y Co C 38th IN Inf
Smith, William Neil 9/12/1828 3/29/1864 Pleasant Mills y Co H 89th IN Inf
Smith, William W*
Snader, Theodore*
Snyder, Frank* 1834 1922 Riverside Co E 89th IN Vol
Snyder, Henry H* 5/5/1837 6/15/1921 Lufborrow Co H 40th Reg IN Vol
Snyder, Samuel C*
Spade, Jacob* 5/16/1840 3/26/1910 Antioch y y Co E 12 Reg IN Inf
Spangler, Sylvester* 2/19/1842 10/27/1921 Decatur y Co I 51st IN Inf
Spencer, James*
Spencer, Marvin V B*
Sphar, John*
Sprague, Randall B* 1828 7/5/1924 Decatur Co H 152nd IN Vol Inf
Sprawl, Samuel*
Spuller, George* 2/7/1865 St. Joseph y Co I 51st IN Inf - KIA?
Spuller, Jacob*
Steel, William T 4/21/1843 10/21/1870 Pleasant Dale y
Steele, David* Decatur
Steele, George 4/6/1799 2/22/1882 Pleasant Dale
Steele, James* 1/2/1841 3/29/1863 Missouri
Steele, John D* 7/21/1838 1913 Decatur y Co I 89th IN Inf
Steele, Samuel L* 8/11/1844 5/4/1863 Decatur Co I 89th IN Reg Inf - KIA
Stephenson, Charles*
Stepler, John* 7-5-1834 11/8/1912 Zion Cline y
Stevens, George*
Stevens, John McQuarter 11/12/1839 6/8/1924 Clark
Stevens, William*
Steverson, Charles 2/20/1825* 3/12/1877 Martz
Stockwell, Emory*
Stoops, James, Jr*
Strate, John*
Strickler, John* 1831 abt 1901 unknown Co C 11th IN Cav
Strickler, Samuel* 5/11/1844* 1/24/1864 Mt. Hope 11th IN Vol - DIS Kokomo, IN
Strickler, William* 3/20/1842 11/6/1897 Willshire Cem, OH y Co C 11th IN Cav
Strode, John*
Stults, James H*
Stutler, William H*
Suddeth, Horrace*
Sudduth, Harrison William 3/27/1841 10/4/1908 Zion/Cline y Co C 126th OVI
Sullivan or Sulivan, John M* 4/2/1840 5/11/1900 MRE Co D 71st OVI
Summers, Theodore* Co C 11th IN Cav
Swank, Alexander*
Swank, William*
Swartentrube, Jacob*
Swartz, James*
Swigart, Joshua R* 4/27/1864 Crown Hill Ntnl Cem, IN Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS Indianapolis
Tague, Joseph*
Tague, Wilson*
Taylor, William*
Teeple, Andrew Jackson* 5/13/1836 2/13/1912 Mt. Hope n y Co K 87th Inf
Teeple, Elias C. F.* abt 1845 1/6/1865 unknown Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Tennessee
Teeple, George Washington* 7/13/1834 2/1/1916 Decatur y 89th IN Vol
Teeple, Henry H B* 10/29/1834 4/2/1864 Mt. Hope 11th IN Vol - DIS Indianapolis, IN
Teeple, James B* 2/3/1826 1/5/1896 West Lawn y y Co C 11th IN Cav
Teeple, John P* 10/5/1838* 10/17/1887* Mt. Hope n Co C 47th IN Inf
Teeple, Samuel* 3/6/1865 New Albany Ntnl Cem Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS New Albany, IN
Teeple, Thomas H* 1/26/1847 12/4/1917 Van Wert Co, OH y Co C 47th IN Vol Inf
Tester, Jacob* 6/10/1838 3/24/1903 Lufborrow y OH 81st Reg
Thatcher, John* no dates Roop y Co F 46th OH Inf
Thomas, George W* 1843 1909 Pleasant Mills y Co L 13th IN
Thomas, unknown illegible Zion Cline
Thompson, A G*
Thompson, James R* 1846 1925 Decatur Co F 187th OH Vol Inf
Thompson, Riley Leo* Co C 11th IN Cav
Thompson, Robert H*
Thorp, Chr B*
Tisron, John F*
Tom, William*
Tricker, Emanuel* 1873 1916 Tricker Co I 46 WI Inf
Trim, Henry*
Trimble or Trimbel, George* 5/29/1832 10/23/1871 Mt. Hope Co I 89th IN Inf
Troutner, George W* 11/15/1840 3/30/1905 Willshire Cem, OH y Co C 47th IN Inf
Troxel, William*
Tryon, Prentis J*
Tucker, Charles*
Tumbelson, Samuel* 5/23/1844 5/24/1910 Mt. Hope military marker
Tumbleson, James K 9/3/1846 9/15/1919 Decatur Co D 41st OVI
Tumbleson, James R*
Turner, James* Co C 11th IN Cav
Tyndall, John C* 10/14/1827 7/2/1885 unknown Co H 47th IN Inf
Ullery, Herrod 12/1/1864 Co C 11th IN Cav MIA Franklin, TN
Ullman, Mathias*
unknown, Samuel 5/8/1834 1/21/1854 Mt. Hope 11th IN Cav
Uptgraft, David 1843 1865 Alberson
Urick, Daniel* 11/23/1833 5/27/1915 Smith y y
Urick, Henry* abt 1843 5/18/1864 unknown KIA Vicksburg, MS
Urick, John* 5/13/1835 1/13/1920 Ray y Co C 89th IN Inf
Urick, Joseph*
Vananda, James*
Vance M P*
Vance Robert*
Vance, J M no dates Studebaker Co C 39th IN Inf
Vance, Mark T* 7-6-1833 2-21-1862 Studebaker Co C 17th Reg IN Vol
Vandermark, James*
Veley, Isaac W*
Veley, William*
Voorhees, J M*
Votaw, William* 1841 9/29/1913 Riverside Co B 34th IN Inf
Wade, John*
Wafel, Henry*
Waggoner, Isaac*
Waggoner, Lewis S*
Waggoner, Martin*
Waldron, J A*
Wallace, James*
Walters, Elijah J* 3/20/1841 1/2/1921 Decatur y Co D 51st IN Vol Inf
Walters, Washington*
Walton, William* 1822? 1879? Smith not sure this is the right man
Warbington, Samuel*
Warling, David*
Washinton, James* Co C 11th IN Cav
Watkins, Seth W*
Watkins, Truborn*
Watkins, Wilson C*
Watson, Arthur* Co C 11th IN Cav
Watson, George* no dates Snow y Co C 185th OH Inf
Watson, John J* 2/3/1844 Snow y Co C 185th OH Inf
Watson, Mark 1842 1921 Alberson Co H 54 IN
Watts, William Wesley* 1831 1908 Monmouth y
Weaver, Joel 1799 1861 Bunker Hill 7th Co OH S S
Weaver, Joel*
Webb, Martin*
Wechter, Jacob*
Weiant, John*
Weible, Jacob*
Weible, John*
Weible, John*
Weimer, Benjamin F*
Weimer, George W* abt 1832 4/3/1864 unknown Co G 13th IN Cav - KIS
Weimer, Henry C* 8/23/1823 2/17/1862 Thatcher y Co C 17 Reg IVI - KIA?
Weimer, John T*
Welfly, Frederick*
Welfly, John*
Wells, David T* 3/26/1908 Tricker Co G 170th Regt OVI
Weny, Harrod * 12/1/1864 ssme as Herrod Ullery? Co C 11th IN Cav MIA Franklin, TN
Wenzler, John W*
Wert, Samuel* Co C 11th IN Cav
Wertzberger, Michael J* 1847 1933 Decatur Co I 89th IN Inf
Wetter, William A*
Wheeler, David* 1844 1915 Studebaker
Wheeler, Isaac*
Whipple, James W* 3/3/1887 Mt. Hope Co I 19th IN Inf
White, John B*
Whitmore, John* Co C 11th IN Cav
Whitten, Benjamin F*
Wiley, William* no dates Riverside Co H 100th IN Inf
Wilken, H Theodore (Rev)*
Will, John*
Williams, John H* 1848 1930 Decatur Co H 39th OH B I
Wilson, Covey G 11/19/1862 Crawford Co K 85th IN Inf
Wilson, Covey L*
Wilson, George* 1834 1909 Alberson
Wilson, Gilbert* Co C 11th IN Cav
Wilson, James C* 11/29/1886 Co C 11th IN Cav
Wilson, William W*
Winans, Benjamin B* 1849 4/1/1925 Decatur y
Winans, Samuel 7/5/1892 Co C 11th IN Cav
Winget, David*
Winkleman, John*
Wise, Perry*
Wisler, Joseph* 1844 1915 Decatur
Wisner, William A* 9/4/1840 1904 Decatur y
Wiswell, E M*
Wolf, Jacob B* no dates Tricker Co D 71st OH Inf
Womack, John Dudley Jr 1846 1923 Decatur Co L 13th Reg KY Cav
Wood, Benjamin F*
Wood, Henry*
Woodruff, Ebenezer 10/20/1817 7/20/1897 Lufborrow y Co E 153rd Reg IN Inf
Woodruff, Elmer*
Woods, Emanuel* 8/8/1833 6/6/1914 Decatur
Woodward, George W* Co C 11th IN Cav
Woodward, James*
Wynn, David W* 1835 1892 Backesto y Co E, 34 OH Inf
Yager, Albert*
Yager, Gustav* 1842 1926 St. Luke y
Yager, Jacob* 9/20/1837 8/10/1904 Decatur y Co D 51st IN Inf Reg
Yager, John*
Yant, John* 1/16/1828 6/10/1911 Backesto
Yocum, Enos W*
Yoder, Mathias*
Yost, John*
Young, Andrew*
Young, Henry no dates Collins Co C 114th OH Inf
Young, Jacob*
Zediker, Joseph*
Zerkel, Aaron
Zerkel or Zerkle, William* 1846 3/17/1909 Decatur y
Zimmerman, Eli*

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