Adams County, Indiana

Below is a listing of the Civil War Veterans as recorded on The Peace Monument in Decatur, Indiana, who are designated with a star (*).
Source: The Peace Monument 100 Year Celebration Souvenir Edition Booklet

Additional veterans have been added from tombstone inscriptions, obituaries, and other sources.

To read the obit, bio or see the stone, please go to the cemetery listed for the veteran.
KIA = Killed in action; DIS = died in service from disease

A - K
Civil War Veterans of Adams County
Name Birth Date Death Date Cemetery Bio Obit Stone
Acker, Levi 3/25/1843 3/25/1865 Shiloh Ntnl Military Park Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Eastport, MS
Adelsperger, T F*
Afflick, George 1842 1920 MRE Co C 5th PA Cav
Alberson, Henry 4/7/1837 3/25/1917 Alberson
Alguire, Emanuel*
Allen, Nathan L*
Allen, Samuel*
Allen, Samuel M*
Allerton, Zachariah*
Ames, Martin*
Ames, Rufus*
Ames. Ezekiel*
Amspaugh, Conrad 11/1/1796 9/11/1895 Pleasant Dale
Amspaugh, Noah* 6/20/1828 5/26/1893 Antioch
Anderson, John S 3/12/1845 3/20/1909 Alberson y
Andrews, Dennison*
Andrews, Perry P* 11/25/1845 2/10/1923 Ray y y Co C 11th IN Cav
Andrews, Robert Niblick* 1/0/1831 1/6/1913 Ray y Co I 89th Inf Div
Andrews, Thomas W*
Annen, Christian 10/5/1831 9/15/1918 Decatur y 115th IN Batt
Apple, Godfre*
Archbold, James M* 12/27/1841 8/14/1911 Decatur y y Co D 51st N Inf
Archer, Aaron*
Archer, Zachariah* 3/9/1840 9/3/1878 Pleasant Mills Co H 89th IN Inf
Armstrong, William*
Arnold, August 12/18/1818* 2/18/1865 Pleasant Dale y
Arnold, Frank* 11/16/1841 12/26/1917 Pleasant Dale
Arr, Jacob*
Ashbaugher, John*
Aspy, Benjamin*
Aspy, John*
Aspy, William C*
Augburn, Henry*
Auker, Levi*
Ault, John Collins* 6/24/1843 1/12/1911 Mt. Tabor n y Co B 150th IN Inf
Aumiller, David W 7/29/1858 12/15/1882 Crawford
Aumiller, Peter* 10/19/1824 10/10/1908 Crawford y y Co I 59th Reg IN Vol Inf
Auten, Oliver P* 1843 10/25/1901 Decatur Co G 11th IN Vol Cav
Auten, Thomas F* 1839 1898 Decatur? unsure if this is the correct man
Avery, Daniel*
Avery, John*
Avery, Lorenzo D* 1869?
Babcock, Ethan A* 9/24/1864 unknown Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Alabama
Babcock, Henry A* 10/1878 Co C 11th IN Cav
Badders, Moses Henry* 9/20/1841 12/11/1906 Ray y Co F 40th IN Vol Inf
Bailey, George*
Bailey, Mahlon*
Bair, William*
Baker, Adam* 1920?
Baker, Charles*
Baker, Christian* 1839 5/10/1863 Reynolds y y Co K 89th IN Inf
Baker, David* 9/5/1847 9/9/1940 Willshire Cem, OH y Co G 54th OH Inf
Baker, Elias*
Baker, Jacob* 1816 1893 Reynolds? not sure this is the right man
Baker, John* 1827? 1897? Mt. Pleasant, OH not sure this is the right man
Baker, Marion*
Baker, Owen* 1863?
Ball, Frederick*
Ball, Jeremiah C* 1844 1924 Reynolds y Co C 47th IN Inf
Ball, Samuel*
Baltzell, John* 1833? 1880?
Banta, Henry*
Barber, Charles*
Barber, Nicholas*
Barger, Nicklous 7/28/1820 2/28/1896 Pleasant Dale y
Barkley, Abraham*
Barkley, Elias*
Barkley, John*
Barkley, Simon*
Barnett, Henry* 1838? 1903?
Barnett, James H* 11/16/1832 9/10/1901 Decatur y 89th IN Vol
Barnett, John* 2/2/1826 5/18/1910 Decatur Co I 89th IN Vol
Barnett, Randolph*
Barnett, Thompson*
Barnett, William*
Barnhart, James W*
Barto, Samuel Henry (Dr)* 8/17/1822 3/24/1899 Pleasant Mills y
Bartram, Russell B*
Bash, John R*
Bates, Henry*
Battenberg, Andrew*
Battenberg, Jay P*
Battenberg, William*
Bauchman, Daniel*
Baumgartner, Daniel* 8/19/1835 4/24/1914 Backesto Co 6 54th OH Inf
Baumgartner, John*
Baumgartner, Peter*
Baxter, Isaac*
Baxter, Reuben* 1844 9/20/1918 Decatur y Co I 89th IN Inf
Bay, Hugh*
Baze, Peter*
Beam, Johnston*
Bears, Lemuel O* 1845 1925 Alberson y Co H 138th IN
Beckner, George
Beckner, Nathan L*
Beckwith, Pembroke*
Beery, William*
Bell, Vincent D* 1936? 1917? Elm Grove, Wells
Bender, John H*
Bennett, William H*
Berg, Joseph R*
Berger, Owen*
Biggs, Elazor*
Biggs, Jeremiah*
Billman, Jonithan*
Billman, Solomon* 5/31/1844 12/10/1917 Decatur y
Bischoff, Christian* 9/4/1824 12/22/1896 Immanuel Co K 12th IN Inf
Biteman, James H*
Biteman, Samuel F* 1916 West Lawn Co C 5th IN Cav
Black, Cyrus M* Co C 11th IN Cav
Blackburn, Norval* 1841 1901 Decatur y Co C 11th IN Cav
Blackburn, Robert N* 1845 1911 Decatur Co H 89th Reg IN Vol Inf
Blazer, Elias*
Blocher, John Little y Co A 40th IN Inf Vol
Blocker, John*
Blood, John*
Blossom, Ira Allen* 2/14/1840 8/6/1893 Decatur y Co C 47th IN Vol
Blossom, John M* 2/1/1844 12/24/1926 Decatur y
Blossom, Lyman Rugg* 12/1/1842 12/1/1928 Decatur
Blougher, David 1837 12/22/1900 Alberson
Blower, W H Collins Co C 8th IN Cav
Blowers, Harry*
Blue, William R* no dates Tricker Co C 12 OH Cav
Bly, Charles D*
Bly, Lous*
Bly, Lous*
Boan Reubin A*
Boan, R B no dates Snow y Co A 152 OH NGI
Bobmeyer, Martin*
Bodle, Nathan S*
Boerstler, Michael*
Bogner, John*
Bolds, Alexander P 8/22/1830 7/15/1912 Hartford y y y Co H IN Inf
Bolenbauger, Jonathan no dates Hartford Co H 47th IN Inf
Bollenbaugh, Sylvester*
Bollman, Samuel C*
Bolos, Alexander*
Bolton, Joseph*
Bolus, Charles*
Bonner, Samuel*
Bonner, William*
Boocher, Joseph*
Bowers, Michael*
Bowles, James*
Boyd, David A*
Boyd, James R*
Boyd, Robert N*
Boyer, James M*
Bradford, David C*
Bradford, Peter*
Bradley, John*
Bradley, Joseph*
Brandyberry, Abraham* 1828? 1896? Ray
Brandyberry, Alexander* 1833 8/26/1895 Ray y y Co F 147th Reg IN Vol
Brandyberry, Ezra* 1830? 1865?
Brandyberry, Jesse* 9/11/1827 1/6/1905 Decatur y
Brandyberry, John* 7/13/1838 5/19/1897 Pleasant Mills y y y Co H 89th IN Inf
Breiner, Michael*
Bremercamp, Joseph* 10/31/1845 2/19/1925 Illinois bio Co C 11th IN Cav
Brenner, John G*
Brewster, Daniel M* 9/13/1845 5/2/1917 Riverside y y Co E 80th OH Inf
Bricker, Aaron*
Briggs, William Henry H* 10-5-1836 6/14/1909 West Lawn y
Britson, David*
Britt, D W no dates Crawford Co F 69th OH Inf
Broas, J B*
Brock, John* 1833 1915 Decatur Co C 47th IN Inf
Brockham, John*
Brokaw, John F* 3/31/1845 2/17/1897 Tricker 22nd Batt 6th Light Art
Brokaw, William*
Bronson, Thompson*
Brothers, Clark* 2/11/1823 8/28/1921 Clark Co C 47th Inf
Brothers, Edward W*
Brothers, Hiram*
Brothers, Horrace E*
Brothers, Oscar* 1845 1917 Mt. Zion y Co C 47th IN Vol Inf
Brown, Hiram A*
Brown, Jacob B 4/10/1843 12/25/1928 Alberson y Co E 84 IN Inf
Brown, John*
Brown, John M*
Brown, Mark M* Co C 11th IN Cav
Brown, Nathan P* Co C 11th IN Cav
Brown, William*
Browning, James H*
Brunnegraff, James* 1847 1930 St. Joseph y Co H 198th OVI
Bryan, Jason*
Buckey, George W* 8/25/1835 4/3/1901 Bunker Hill Co B 23rd IN Inf
Buckmaster Henry B*
Buckmaster, Archibald* 1/1/1843 7/24/1875 Decatur y Co E 16th OVI
Buckmaster, Henry Reed 10/10/1832 11/22/1917 Ray y Co F 147th Reg IN Inf
Buckmaster, Richard*
Buckmaster, Samuel*
Bunner, Eugene* 1837? 1910? Mt. Tabor n not sure this is the right man
Burdg, Anthony* 7/13/1821 11/17/1902 West Lawn y Co E 153rd IN Inf
Burdg, Calvin M* 6/12/1838 12/27/1870 Lufborrow y Co C 8th IN Cav
Burdg, O M Lufborrow Co C 8th IN Cav
Burdg, William M* 11/6/1836 4/24/1907 Decatur y 89th IN Vol
Burdge, John*
Burdoin, Isaac*
Burk, Perry L*
Burk, William*
Burkett, B F 1854 1927 Backesto y
Burkhead, Green B* 1838 1863 Memphis, TN
Burkhead, Johnithan*
Burkhead, Nathan Haverfield* 10/9/1829 8/22/1903 Missouri Co K 89th IN Inf
Burkhead, Samuel O* 8/29/1842 2/17/1918 Decatur Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Burns, Malichi*
Burr, Peter Smeltzer 12/15/1826 8/3/1898 Antioch Co H OH 154th Inf
Burris, Albert*
Bush, Isaac*
Bushnell, Collins* Decatur Co D 110th OH Inf
Butcher, Jacob*
Butcher, Joseph*
Buuck, Detrick*
Buuck, Ernst*
Byer, Christian*
Byer, Jasper*
Byers, Moses*
Byrd, Abraham*
Calderwood, Alonzo*
Calderwood, Emlin F* 1845 8/1/1889 Mt. Hope y Co F 147th IN Inf
Calderwood, James C*
Calwell, William*
Carpenter, John J* 7/4/1828 7/21/1893 Zion/Cline
Carpenter, Joseph*
Carpenter, Josiah*
Carpenter, Lafayette*
Carson, Silas
Carver, Charles*
Case, Jasper*
Cayton, John G*
Chapman, C W*
Cherryholmes, Lorezo* 3/2/1831 9/3/1914 Decatur y
Chilcoat or Chilcote, Joshua* 3/28/1864 Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS Kokomo, IN
Chilcoat, Mordicai F* 11/4/1840 2/27/1865 Floyd Co, IN Co C 11th IN Cav
Childes, Thomas J*
Christcamp, Henry*
Christen Godfrey*
Christen, Albright J*
Chronister, Henry* 1830 1905 Decatur Co I 89th IN Vol Inf
Chronister, Samuel* 1845 1930
Chubb, John J*
Chubb, Monroe*
Clark B F*
Clark, Baldwin* 1841 bio
Clark, Jacob*
Clark, Levi L*
Clark, Levi S*
Claswson, Warren*
Clawson, Claton*
Clawson, Robert*
Clawson, Wellington 1838 1865 Lufborrow IL 5th Batt L
Clawson, William* 1840 1932 Shelby Co, OH Co C 8th IN Vet Cav
Clevenger, Sylvester no dates Snow y 22nd IN Inf
Click, Joel* 4/9/1837 4/24/1919 Mt. Hope n y Co A 23rd IN Inf
Cline, George B* 3/26/1842 12/4/1931 Decatur y y Co C 47th IN Vol Inf
Cline, Jonas* 9/6/1845 3/8/1926 Decatur y y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Cline, Levi 3/4/1841 4/11/1867 Zion Cline
Cloud, Anthony P*
Clould or Cloud, Thomas E* 11/22/1892 Co C11th IN Cav
Clymer, Wilber*
Coffee, Humphrey*
Coffman, Jacob 11/1/1841 1/25/1924 Alberson Co E 75 IN Reg
Colchin, John* 9/26/1840 10/26/1862 St. Joseph y Co K 89th IN Inf
Colchin, John F* 4/22/1838 3/17/1918 St. Joseph 32nd IN Vol
Colchin, Nicholas*
Colchin, Peter* 1836 5/27/1901 St. Joseph y Co K 89th IN Vol Inf
Colgrill, Thomas J*
Collars, J W*
Congleton, William S 10/6/1886 Decatur Co C 11th IN Cav
Congleton, Winfield S* 1846? 1886? Decatur Co C 11th IN Cav (William S? - no proof)
Conrad, Charles* 7/5/1838 4/20/1913 St. Paul y y
Conter, Louis A* 1841 9/0/1891 St. Joseph y Co C 16th OVI
Cook, George* 1926
Cook, Jacob T* 5/10/1840 1919 Bunker Hill y Co I 89th IN Inf
Cook, Socratus* no dates Bunker Hill Co F 155th IN Inf
Coots, John T*
Cottrell, Francis Marion* 1/21/1846 8/20/1928 MRE y Co M 10th OH Reg Cav
Counsellor, Benjamin F* 12/15/1864 Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Nashville, TN
Counterman, John* 1847 4/0/1869 Willshire Cem, OH Co C 11th IN Cav
Covalt, Amos A*
Coverdale, Elias G (Dr)* 5/19/1833 5/23/1904 Decatur y Co K 85th IN Inf
Cowan, Ezra Hamilton* 1/11/1840 5/1/1909 Mt. Tabor n y Co I 89th IN Inf
Cowan, John Alen (Dr)* 3/1/1843 6/18/1885 DeKalb Co, IN y y Co H 89th IN Inf
Cowan, Quimbly*
Cox, John*
Crabbs, Jacob*
Crabbs, Jacob M*
Crabill, Abraham*
Crane, Benjamin*
Crist, George* 12/3/1841 7/11/1919 Decatur y Co H 89th Reg
Crist, John* 1831 10/19/1864 Pleasant Dale KIA
Cronan, James*
Crosier, Samuel*
Culley, Adam*
Cully or Culley, William* Decatur Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Curtis, Oscar*
Custer, William*
Cutting, Ezra*
Dailey, Esais* 1805? 1869? Willshire Cem, OH not sure this is the right man
Dailey, Esais Quincy* 1840? 1924? y
Dailey, William A*
Daniels or Danels, Robert C* 3/21/1864 unknown Co C 11th IN Cav KIA Louisville, KY
Danner, Jeremiah*
Danner, John T*
Danner, William* 1845? 1924? Michigan not sure this is the right man
Daughtery, Alvin W* Co C 11th IN Cav
Daughtery, Samuel*
David, Roswell* 1830 7/4/1889 Clark Co D 99th OH Inf
Davidson, H J Collins Co F 155th IN Inf
Davis, Robert A* 3/28/1847 10/31/1924 Tricker Co F 147 IN Inf
Davis, Sigler S* 1838 1873 Decatur Co C 5th Bat OH Vol Cav
Davy, James*
Davy, Joshua*
Davy, George W*
Dawkins, Alexander*
Dean, John*
Death, Daniel*
DeBolt, Abraham* 7/29/1839 7/2/1915 Decatur y
DeBolt, George* 8/22/1845 1/19/1920 Decatur y Co C 11th IN Cav
DeBolt, Isaac* 8/11/1847 7/4/1924 Lagrange Co, IN Co C 11th IN Cav
Decker, Peter*
Deffenbaugh, John Lenox 10/9/1830 10/23/1914 West Lawn Co E 189th IN Inf
DeGarmore, Anthony W*
DeGermo, A W 1829 10/23/1865 Union Chapel Co A 15th V R C
Deininger, Ulrich* 1839? 1920? St. Joseph not sure this is the right man
Delevan, John H* 1827? 1899? Decatur not sure this is the right man
Dellinger, David* 8/3/1889 Co C 11th IN Cav
Denman, John*
Denne, Michael*
Dent, Byron H* 3/20/1836 12/23/1890 Decatur y y 47th IN
Deviney, Andrew J* Co C 11th IN Cav
Dick, Henry*
Dickerson, George R* no dates Riverside Co B 90th OH Inf
Diffenbaugh, John*
Diffenbaugh, Theodore*
Dillinger, David*
Dishinger, Valentine*
Dittenger, John G*
Dodge, Hamilton*
Doehman, Henry*
Dolan, James S* Pleasant Dale Co A 69 OH Inf
Doudney, William F*
Douglas, James*
Downey, William*
Draper, Jeremiah 1/29/1839 12/7/1915 Salem y y
Drew, William Buck* 7/5/1833 3/29/1925 West Lawn y y Co E 84th IN Inf
Drum, William*
Drummond, Jeremiah A*
Drummond, Robert Alexander 12/20/1841 7/22/1938 Decatur y Co I 89th IN Inf
Drummond, William Daniel 11/23/1843 9/29/1924 Decatur Co I 89th IN Inf
Dunwiddie, John 4/25/1846 11/25/1887 Alberson
Durbin, Ambrose 1/16/1841 1/24/1927 Backesto Co E 153 IN Inf
Dutcher, Almond* 1/26/1838 7/2/1902 Monmouth y y Co G 51st IN Inf
Dutcher, Ralph*
Easton, John H*
Edge, James L*
Edington Henry M*
Edington, George*
Edington, James* 1839 1899 Decatur Co A 34th IN Vol Inf
Edwards, J W 1847 1926 Decatur Co C 9th Reg IN Cav
Ehrman, Charles*
Ehrman, Werner*
Ehrmann, Nathan* 1841 1930 St. Paul y Co E 1st MI Cav
Eley or Ely, John W* 3/30/1865 Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS Indianapolis
Eley, David* 2/27/1841 1909 Decatur Co K 23rd IN Inf
Eley, Jacob* MRE y Co C 47th IN Inf
Eley, William A*
Elzey, Ezekiel*
Elzey, Francis M* 1839 6/27/1922 Smith y y Co M 2nd OH Cav
Elzey, John* 3/18/1843 12/24/1914 Backesto y y Co K 75 IN Vol Inf
Elzey, John S A*
Elzey, Perry P* 2/4/1846 6/17/1926 Decatur y Co I 89th IN Inf
Elzey, Richard S* 1843 1/30/1903 Reynolds y Co I OH Inf
Embody, Daniel*
Emory, John*
Engle, Henry*
Engle, John* 10/10/1848 4/27/1918 Riverside
Engle, William*
Epke, Henry*
Erick, Enos W*
Ernst, John* 7/24/1850* 3/24/1863 Pleasant Dale y Co H 42nd Reg OVI - KIA
Ernst, Titus H* 11/7/1845 8/30/1923 Decatur y Co A 60th OH Inf
Erwin, Joseph*
Essex, David Orlando* 1830 2/22/1864 Newton Co, MS y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf - KIA
Estell, Thomas J*
Estell, William H*
Eswards, John W*
Evans, Joseph K*
Everett, Barney* 1845 1918 Marion National Cem
Everett, Joseph* 1815? 1878? Pleasant Mills not sure this is the right man
Everett, Philip*
Everett, Phillip 7/18/1839 12/31/1876 Pleasant Mills Co C 47th IN Inf
Everhart or Evehart, John C* 1839 1/4/1879 Smith y Co K 89th IN Inf
Ewing, Aaron*
Ewing, Erastus*
Eyanson, John*
Farlow, John*
Farlow, Purley*
Fastnacht, Gregory
Ferguson, George W*
Ferguson, James A*
Fetters, Hamilton*
Fetters, Philip*
Fetters, Samuel* 5/30/1847 8/12/1921 Riverside y Co E 155th Reg IN Vol
Fetters, William* 10/13/1842 7/20/1865 Lufborrow y y Co K 89th
Fields, William*
Fisher, Thomas Elude* 1838 1918 Decatur Co I 51st IN Vol Inf
Fivecoats, Thomas*
Fleetwood, William 6/3/1833 5/30/1917 Crawford y
Flickinger, Abraham* 3/30/1834 11/15/1896 Decatur Co D 151st OH Inf
Flory, Jacob*
Fogle, Henry* 6/10/1837 4/27/1912 Lufborrow y Co F 65th OH Reg
Follin, William A 2/14/1845* 7/20/1911 Crawford y Co I 94th OVI
Ford, George W* 1842 1924 Riverside Co E 7th IN Cav
Fordyce, Henry B*
Fordyce, Jasper N*
Fordyce, John* 4/23/1804 2/5/1866 Pleasant Mills Co C 47th IN Inf
Fordyce, Simeon B* 1/27/1847 10/10/1926 Decatur y Co C 126th Reg 11th IN Cav
Forrey, A L*
Fosnocht, Gregory*
Foster, A H no dates Backesto
Foster, A M*
Foster, Albert N*
Foster, Jeremiah*
Foster, Joseph J* 1835? 1896? Mt. Tabor n not sure this is the right man
Fought, William H* 12/31/1842 Riverside y Co K 40th OH Inf
Franks, Joshua*
Franz, Friedrich W* 12-1-1839* 12-23-1864 St. Peter Co K 189th Reg IN Vol - KIA?
Franz, Henry*
Franz, Jacob MRE y Co H 47th OH Inf
Frasier, Jacob* 3/12/1865 Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Nashville, TN
Fravel, James* 1836 1918 Crawford y
Fravel, Joseph 9/13/1836 12/2/1886 Lufborrow y Co H 40th Reg IN VTV
Frech, or French Frederick F* 12/14/1836 9/10/1919 Decatur y Co A 47th OH Inf
Fredline, Emanuel*
Fredline, Isaac*
Fredline, John D* Co C 11th IN Cav
Fredline, William*
Fuhrman, Henry*
Funk, Morgan* Co C 11th IN Cav
Gaffer, Laurence* 1824 10/8/1873 St. Joseph y Co C 91st NY Inf
Gallaway, David*
Gallaway, Elijah*
Gallaway, Josiah*
Gallmeyer, Friedrich Wilhelm 10/4/1832 7/7/1888 Zion Friedheim y Co D 51st IN Inf
Gambee, Charles Biery 4/5/1828 5/15/1864 Co A 55th OH Inf
Garver, Samuel* 5/18/1836 12/18/1864 Monmouth Co K 89th Reg - died Nashville
Gase, Paul* 1/19/1837 9/21/1887 St. Joseph y Co H 57th OVI
Gates, George W* 9/20/1837 2/27/1922 Backesto y 15th Regt OVI
Gault, William* 3/18/1865 New Albany Ntnl Cem Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS New Albany, IN
Gaunt, James*
Gauze, Enock W* 7/19/1836 12/12/1911 Willshire Cem, OH y aka Enoch W Gause
Gauze, William*
Geir, Edward F*
Gerig, Wolrick*
Gessinger, David*
Gessinger, John 3/10/1810 10/22/1867 Alpha
Gibson, Joseph*
Gilchrist, John M* no dates West Lawn Co F 11th Reg NY
Gilford, Dudley* 3/11/1865 Shiloh Ntnl Military Park Co C 11th IN Cav - KIA Eastport, MS
Gilliam, John Thomas* 10/5/1832 7/4/1865 Shady Co H 89th Regt IN Vol
Gilpen, Thomas Allman* 1/22/1834 1/17/1908 Wodena Co, MN Co G 13 IN Cav
Gilson, James*
Gilson, Manassch or Manassaih* Decatur Co C 47th IN Inf
Ginger, Daniel D 1824 Lufborrow y Co H 100th IN Inf
Glancy, Hugh G*
Glancy, James D* 10/5/1832 8/12/1865 Backesto
Glass, George* 6/10/1843 4/5/1865 Union Chapel Co I 89th IN Vol - KIA
Glendening, James 6/6/1837 2/28/1923 Hartford y
Golden, William* Co C 11th IN Cav
Gordon, John*
Gorsline, Sylvester*
Gorsline, William R*
Graber, Clark A*
Grandstaff, Lemuel N* 1847 3/21/1914 Decatur Co F 130th IN Vol Inf
Grasshopper, George*
Greek, John Martin* 2/7/1846 12/19/1913 Marion Co, OH Co I 89th IN Inf
Green, John Benjamin* 7/23/1842 2/27/1922 Decatur Co F 49th OH Vol Inf
Green, Stephen*
Gregory, Augustus C* 1839 1908 Decatur
Griggs, S B*
Grim, Joseph*
Grimes, George*
Grimes, John*
Grimes, Levi*
Hahn, George Washington* 10/30/1824 1/9/1909 Smith y
Hale, James C*
Hale, John Deam* 12/27/1842 5/5/1919 Decatur y Co B 101 IN Vol Inf
Hale, Silas W*
Hall, William* 5-16-1843 2/11/1927 Brown y y Co M 28th IN Inf
Hammell, Cyrus M*
Hammon, George* 4/1/1865 Smith y Co C 11th IN Vol Cav
Hammon, Taylor* Co C 11th IN Cav
Hammond, Charles*
Harkless, James W no dates Decatur Co G 90th OH Inf
Harkless, William*
Harper, Hamilton*
Harper, William*
Harrison, Samuel*
Hart, Calvin*
Hart, Henry H* 1/25/1838 8/22/1864 Decatur 89th Reg IN Vol
Hart, Henry Homer* 12/25/1846 10/20/1914 Cook Co, IL y Co I 89th IN Inf
Hart, James*
Hartman, Ephriam*
Haveland, Jackson F*
Havelin, Colonel J*
Havelin, Enoch*
Haviland or Haveland, Christopher* 1837 1920 Riverside Co C 40th IN Reg
Hawk, Frederick*
Hawkins, Abraham*
Haynes, Isaac N*
Haynon, William Reynolds y Co E 11th IN Inf
Hays, Devin*
Hedington or Hendington, Henry M* 7/20/1844* 5/21/1880 Backesto y
Heffner, Michael*
Heller, Daniel 8/19/1826 11/17/1900 Alberson
Heller, Jacob*
Helm, George*
Helm, Joseph*
Henderson, Charles A*
Henderson, Edgar A* 6/5/1891 Co C 11th IN Cav
Henderson, Thomas*
Hendricks, Jacob* 12-27-1860 4-10-1891 Union Chapel Co I 89th Reg IN Inf
Hendricks, John* 6/24/1839 6/13/1925 Decatur y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Hendricks, Joseph Alfred 6-30-1846 11/20/1900 Studebaker y
Hendricks, Joseph E*
Hendricks, Philip* 1839 1919
Hendricks, William* 5/28/1835 7/30/1901 Smith y y y Co F 147th IN Vol Inf
Herr, M M*
Herring, John*
Herring, Johnithan*
Hiestand, J W*
Higgins, William*
Hill, Adoniram Judson "A J"* 10/9/1832 1897 Decatur y Co H 89th IN Vol Inf
Hill, Lewis C 1812 1869 Decatur Co F 11th IN Vol
Hill, Lewis G*
Hill, Lewis G*
Hillis, Levi*
Hilton, Samuel*
Hilton, William* Co C 11th IN Cav
Hipkisn, Francis M*
Hobbs, Jason* 1/4/1849 7/22/1921 Decatur Co H 152nd IN Vol Inf
Hocker, Joseph 3/11/1848 3/17/1908 MRE y y Co K 48th IN
Hoffman, William D* 2/15/1842 1920 Decatur y Co F 147th IN Inf
Hollaway or Holloway, John M* 8/16/1834 12/21/1916 West Lawn y y 8th OH L A
Hollinger, Jacob 12/27/1836 4/7/1924 Ray y 94 OH Inf
Hollingsworth, Thomas P* 3/11/1840 11/18/1915 Riverside y Co E 69th IN Inf
Horn, Jacob* Co C 11th IN Cav
House, Thomas H* 8/19/1825 2/13/1894 Monmouth y Co E 19th US Inf
Hudle or Huddle, George* no dates Antioch COVG
Hudson, David*
Huffman, David*
Huffman, Jacob*
Hull, George W*
Hullinger, David*
Hullinger, Jacob*
Humes, George*
Hursh, John*
Hurt, George*
Hutchins, Barnum*
Hutchins, John M*
Hutchinson, Enock*
Idlewine, Andrew J* 7/0/1842 1929 West Lawn y y Co H 5th IN Cav
Ingle, Henry Collins Co A 8th IN Cav
Jack, Albert N*
Jacobs, Charles*
Jacobson, Daniel*
Johnson, Benjamin Schooler* 1834 3/14/1864 Alexandris Ntnl Cem, LA Co H 89th IN Vol Inf - KIA Louisiana
Johnson, Daniel Asbury* 6/8/1848 11/27/1932 Hartford Co H K 26th IN Inf
Johnson, George*
Johnson, George* 4/21/1865 Co C 11th IN Cav -DIS St. Louis, MO
Johnson, Isaac 2/20/1846 11/25/1868 Alberson
Johnson, James M* 1822? 1893? Mt. Hope not sure this is the right man
Johnson, John* 1847 1916 Wells Co, IN not sure this is the right man
Johnson, John K* no dates Clark Co E 46th OH Inf
Johnson, Joseph L*
Johnson, Leonard W* 8/5/1836 2/4/1905 Decatur y y Co H 89th IN Inf
Johnson, Lewis T 9/30/1832 3/7/1901 Smith y
Johnson, Michael*
Johnson, Noah*
Johnson, Robert W*
Johnson, Samuel* 8/16/1841 11/6/1910 Ray y
Johnson, William 1844 1924 Decatur Co D 131st Reg OH Inf
Johnson, William F*
Johnson, William J*
Johnstone, William*
Jones, Benjamin* 1832 5/10/1880 Crawford Co E 84th IN Inf
Jones, Daniel*
Jones, Daniel T*
Jones, Enman W*
Jones, James W*
Jones, John B* 11/18/1842 4/14/1929 Decatur Co C 47th IN Inf
Jones, Joseph E*
Jones, Richard*
Jones, Samuel*
Jones, William I*
Jones, Zachariah*
Juday or Judy, Andrew J* 11/12/1841 1/1/1921 West Lawn y y Co A 47th IN Inf
Judy, John L*
Julian, Joseph*
Jurock, Frank*
Kahn, Myre or Myer*
Keller, George W* 1840 1/21/1933 Ray y Co A 100th OH Vol Inf
Kelley, Isaac B*
Kelley, James*
Kelley, Jeremiah*
Kennedy, Silas H*
Kennedy, Theodore* 1833 1912 Decatur military marker
Kern, John W*
Kern, Washington*
Kerr, David M* 1/25/1824* 8/22/1897 Backesto y Co E 125th OH Inf
Kessler, Stephen*
Kestler, John*
Kestler, Philip*
Kimmell or Kimmel, Conrad* 1837? 1907? Huntington Co, IN not sure this is the right man
Kimsey, William T* 1846 1930
King, David* 4/10/1836 2/0/1882 Decatur y Co I 89th IN Vol
King, Franklin*
King, Jacob*
King, William A*
Kirkland, Andrew J* 1/6/1840 11/17/1917 Salem y
Kirsch, George V*
Kiser, George W*
Kistler, John Tricker Co H 89 Reg IN Vol - KIA? Memphis, TN
Kistler, Stephen 2/26/1831 2/26/1910 Zion Cline y
Kitson, Daniel Alexander* 1/23/1844 2/16/1926 Decatur y Co L 7th IN Cav
Kline, Johnithan or Jonathan D* 3/29/1864 Co C 11th IN Cav - DIS St. Louis, MO
Kline, Lee*
Kline, William* 3/25/1840 3/11/1922 Allen Co, IN y Co I 51st IN Inf
Krouse, Elijah*

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