Adams County, Indiana

Contributor Karin King found this small article that lists some of the surviving Civil War pensioners in 1907.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Allen County, Indiana
Nov. 5, 1907


DECATUR, Ind. - Nov 4 Today was pension day for the soldiers and the various officials were kept busy filling out the necessary papers. Each year the number grows smaller, but among the well-remembered faces, who appeared at the county clerk's office today were Aaron Zerkel, Gregory Fastnacht, Geo. W. Teeple, W. A. Myers, L. N. Grandstaff, Wm. Johnston, Cyrus Hammell, Thos. Rabbitt, L. W. Lewton, Charles Carver, Mr. Edge, Silas Carson, Michael Wertsberger, Henry McLain, Hezekiah Lambert, Myer Kahn, Abner Parrish, Jacob Railing, Jerry Russell, John Williams, Washington Pyle, Henry E. Schmidt, C. T. Rainier, Lyman R. Blossom, Theo. Kennedy, Jacob Hollinger, Andrew J. Reynolds, John Oswalt. All honor and respect to those who risked their all for their country.